Glenmorangie Signet

Glenmorangie Signet

Price: $209.99 for 750ml

Distilled/Owned by: Glenmorangie / LVMH 

Region: Highland

46% ABV

Aged For: NAS, I read that older vattings were majority 30 years and up, but I find that doubtful.

Mashbill: 100% malted barley, uses high roasted chocolate malt

Cask Type: Ex-bourbon, sherry, wine, virgin oak, and others

Chill Filtered: No

Color Added: Possibly

Drank: Neat, in a glencairn



Color: Dark copper

Nose: Dried fruit, orange peel, raisin, vanilla, hazelnut and chocolate porter.

Taste: Disappointingly watery. Milk chocolate dominates. Honey, malted barley, citrus and sherry.

Finish: Short and gentle. More malt and honey. Bit of berry and oak.

Thoughts: Tap the breaks on the hype train because there’s no way this is as good as the reviews let on. For the price the watery palate and weak finish are unacceptable. The flavors are pleasant, but this is a $75 dollar bottle being peddled as a $200 + one.

Score: 80 out of 100

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