Balcones Texas Single Malt

Balcones Texas Single Malt

Price: $75 for 750ml

Distilled/Owned by: Balcones

Region: Texas

53% ABV

Mashbill: 100% malted barley

Aged For: NAS

Cask Type: New charred American oak

Chill Filtered: No

Color Added: No



Color: Mahogany

Drank: Neat, in a glencairn.

Nose: Oak, port wine, chocolate malt, vanilla, almond paste, sweet barley sugar.

Mouthfeel: Intermediate

Palate/Taste: Chocolate, almond, vanilla cookie, wood, leather, and coffee.

Finish: Medium warmth that builds over time, linger flavors of fortified wine and charred oak.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this more than I thought I would, The new charred oak makes up for the youth of the spirit.

Score: 81 out of 100

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