Review: Dos Maderas 5+5

Price: $30 for 750ml

Distilled/Owned by: Sourced / Williams & Humbert

Region: Distilled in Barbados & Guyana, Finished in Spain

40% ABV

Distillate: Molasses

Aged For: 10 Years (5 in the Caribbean, 5 in Spain)

Cask Type: American Oak (5 Years), Palo Cortado Casks (3 Years), and PX Sherry (2 Years)

Additives used: Yes

Color: Brown sherry

Drank: Neat, in a glencairn

Nose: Sherry, citrus, dried fruits, oak, chocolate, marzipan, coconut, brown sugar, sherry

Mouthfeel: Light bodied, slightly syrupy

Palate/Taste: Vanilla, chocolate, oak, sherry, maple, raisins, sugar

Finish: Light to medium warmth, medium length. A bit of oak and pepper, sherry, and vanilla

Thoughts: The sherry is very dominate on the profile, I actually think they add sherry to the rum at points in the solera. I taste bits of oak and dry spice underneath the super saturated sweetness. Very Similar to Your El Dorados and Diplomatico Rums if you enjoy those. I’m a sucker for PX sherry so this isn’t a bad rum for myself.

Score: 78 out of 100

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