About & FAQS

This site is for me to post my reviews of distilled spirits and other various interests I have. I try to keep my writing concise and on point, I’m not a fan of pointless fluff and BS. I like to provide the specs of everything I enjoy not only as a reference tool for myself, but to help others make informed purchase decisions.


So hopefully this can answer any questions you may have about my review methods, or some common questions about spirits.

Q: Are any of your reviews Sponsored?

A: No, all of my reviews are my own opinions from either spirits I have purchased or enjoyed from friends.

Q: How does your review rating system work?

A: On my scale assume that a 75 is an average drink, anything scoring in the 80s is something I really enjoyed, and 90’s I loved. Anything below a 75 is below average. Anything 69 or below I didn’t enjoy and would not recommend.

Price does enter into the equation when I make my reviews at times. The more expensive the bottle, the harder of a judge I will be on it. I have had $25 bottles I prefer to $200 ones, and I think that there is value in making a good spirit at an affordable price.


Q: I see you have Paid and Price in your reviews, what’s the difference?

A: If I used Paid as the descriptor in my review, it means that I purchased the bottle and that was the cost at the store when I purchased it.

If I use Price as the descriptor it means I did not purchase the bottle, but may have tried it at a bar, received a sample from a friend, or attended a tasting. I list the price of the bottle at the market rate during the time of the review.