Welcome to Drinks with the Major!

Hello all, I’m MajorHop. I have been writing reviews on reddit for awhile and figured I’d take the time to add them to a blog so people could more easily search my reviews! As a quick note, I am in no way a professional or tied to the industry in any way. I purchase or recieve all of my drinks from friends and am not sponsored in any way. As I am reposting many of my earlier reviews you may see my style evolve through them as I became more experienced writing my thoughts down.

My aim is to write reviews without any of the fluff and nonsense to let you know the flavors and feelings I experienced. My palate may not be the same as yours, so be aware! I hope my reviews are able to help people to make informed decisions about what to try, and try new things.

If you ever have any questions about my reviews feel free to shoot me a message!

So sit back, pour a dram and happy reading!


– MajorHop