Château du Tariquet 15-Year

Château du Tariquet 15-Year

Price: $60 for 750ml

Distilled/Owned by: Chateau du Tariquet

Region: Bas Armagnac, France

49.7% ABV

Grapes: 100% Folle Blanche

Aged For: 15 Years

Cask Type: French oak

Chill Filtered: Yes

Color Added: No



Color: Amber

Drank: Neat, in a glencairn

Nose: Grapes, caramel, pipe tobacco, vanilla, ginger, oak, floral

Mouthfeel: Medium body

Palate/Taste: Thick fruit and vanilla, with a hint of baking spice and apples

Finish: Short, light warmth, sour grapes, and white wine with milk chocolate and oak.

Thoughts: Not a bad expression by any means, and priced well as an introduction to Armagnacs, but not quiet up to par with the vintage expressions.

Score: 79 out of 100