Germain Robin XO

Germain Robin XO

Price: $125 for 750ml

Distilled/Owned by: Germain Robin

Region: California, USA

40% ABV

Aged For: NAS, average 17 years

Grapes Used: 80% Pinot Noir

Cask Type: Limousin oak

Chill Filtered: Undisclosed

Color Added: Undisclosed

Color: Burnt umber

Drank: Neat, in a glencairn

Nose: Sugar covered raisins, grape, dried fruit, oak, citrus

Mouthfeel: Medium body

Palate/Taste: Medium grape, dried fruits, figs, citrus, vanilla

Finish: Light warmth, light to medium length, grapes, sour citrus, oak, and light caramel

Thoughts: Not bad, but not good in my mind either, I’m guessing I’m not a fan of the Pinot Noir grapes used in the distillation.

Score: 75 out of 100

Germain Robin XO Apple Brandy

Germain Robin XO Apple Brandy

Price: $70 for 750ml

Distilled/Owned by: Germain Robin

Region: California, USA

40.2% ABV

Aged For: NAS

Color: Coper

Drank: Neat, in a glencairn

Nose: Cinnamon, apple pie, rich pastry and caramel

Mouthfeel: Light to medium body

Palate/Taste: Baked apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla

Finish: Medium warmth and length, with the apples and pastry returning.

Thoughts: The flavors are good, but it same to be the same notes from nose to finish, so not the most complex drink out there.

Score: 78 out of 100